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Nowhere Lab

Welcome to Nowhere Lab!

We are Nowhere Lab. Anyone from any field is welcome to join who doesn't have a lab but would like the lab meeting experience. Target audience includes but is absolutely not limited to:

  • New faculty who have no one in their lab yet
  • Ex-academics who now work in industry
  • Freelance sci-commers/consultants
  • People who are in a toxic lab
  • People between jobs
  • Keen undergrads

*To join, email priyasilverstein at

Weekly meetings

We hold weekly meetings that change time every 3 months to attempt to accommodate members in different time zones. October-December meetings are held every Friday at 2:30 pm BST and last approximately 1 hour but are sometimes slightly longer (you're welcome to leave whenever you need to).

Slack channel

We have a Slack channel which is the base for our community -- somewhere members can interact even if they're unable to attend meetings. Here we share resources, memes, support, and more.

How to contribute to this website

Anyone can contribute, just click 'Github', fork the repository, make changes, and make a pull request.

Feel free to add blog-style posts under 'Posts', e.g. your Nowhere Lab origin story, a tutorial on something you've learned and want to share, pictures you've collated of your plants -- anything!

This website was adapted from Supermaya by Mike Riethmuller.

Latest posts

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    A simple blog entry done during the demo.

  • Collaborator Post

    A blog post from pull request

  • First Test

    A simple blog entry

  • Getting started

    Supermaya is an Eleventy starter kit designed to help you add rich features to a blog or website without the need for a complicated build process.